Ampla Model Joint Venture Agreement

9 Considering A. Participants are or have the right to be registered as holders and holders of oil titles. The parties agree: B. Participants agreed to conclude this agreement in order to examine oil in the field of oil securities under the terms set out in this agreement and, if successful, to evaluate, develop and produce. C. The operator has agreed to act as an operator for participants in accordance with this agreement. In view, among other things, of the reciprocal promises contained in this agreement: 1 Definitions and Interpretation 1.1 Definitions Unless contrary to context are made, the following terms have the corresponding meanings in this agreement (including recitals): waiver means measures or practices of the operator for the dismantling or abandonment of all or part of the joint operation or joint venture Property under this agreement , placement on ongoing maintenance and maintenance or on another basis. Waiver obligations are the obligations of participants under the law, all oil securities and authorizations, and all legal and contractual obligations applicable to the end and after abandonment. The accounting procedure refers to the accounting procedure specified in Schedule 3.

The law refers to the legislation in Schedule 1. The EFA is a power for the operator to provide common expenses under an approved program and budget or by any other means in accordance with this agreement. For a particular business, the affiliate is an organization related to that business within the meaning of Section 50 of the Corporations Act. The agreed interest rate is the interest rate which is the average offer rate for invoices (as defined in the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth), with a 90-day tone posted on the Reuters Surveillance System page called BBSY, plus 3 percent calculated and assembled daily. monthly pensions or any other interest rates agreed by members. If the interest rate is contrary to an applicable usurious law, the interest rate to be collected is the maximum rate allowed by law. The amending certificate has the meaning of this term in the standard certification certificate. Appraisal Well means that a well that is not an exploration well or development well begins to assess the volume or volume of oil reserves contained in an existing discovery. Approved programme and budget: a programme and budget for joint actions, including minimum work commitments, and an individual budget of estimated common expenditure for a specific year or period, approved or deemed approved by the Works Council. The sale means the sale, sale, sale, farm-in, farm-out, transfer, sublease or other collective operating agreement of the AMPLA model, approved version 1, the Joint Venture Type Agreement March 2010, this joint venture agreement (jva) is concluded by and between the parties mentioned in the attached submission. 20 (f) (corporate licenses) all necessary authorizations for the performance, supply and compliance of this agreement have been obtained by it in accordance with its conditions; (no legal obstacle) its enforcement, supply and enforcement are in accordance with its Constitution and do not constitute a violation of a law or obligation or cause any delay by means of an agreement to which it is bound; (No trust), she enters into this agreement on her own behalf and not as an agent or candidate of another person; and (no charges) at the time of the agreement, there are no charges affecting their interest in participation. 3.6 Business Conduct Each participant and the operator recognize and accept for themselves, for their related companies and for their associates, as well as for each of their executives, directors, employees and agents, that: each of them is subject to the anti-corruption and anti-corruption provisions provided by the law of the designated state and, if applicable, to other jurisdictions (together the anti-corruption and anti-corruption laws); they must carry out their activities related to this agreement in accordance with their obligations under anti-corruption legislation; and none of them should, as far as the issues that are the subject of this agreement, be concerned, each za