Air Force Instruction Memorandum Of Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is primarily to regulate the sharing of responsibility between the Military Ministry and the federal supervisory authority for any contamination due to acts carried out on the ground before its transfer to a non-profit beneficiary. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to prevent the Ministry of the Army from taking any cost cover, contribution or other action against third parties or parties whom the Ministry of the Army reasonably believes may have contributed to the contamination before transferring public benefits. This Agreement is intended only to improve the internal management of the Executive and is not intended for, nor does it create any rights or benefits, material or procedural, applicable by any party in the United States, its agencies or senior officials by law or equity. Attached is a copy of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) signed by the DoD and federal authorities that sponsor nonprofit transfers. The MOA describes the responsibilities for environmental commitments related to the allocation of basic closure real estate authorized for public utility transfers. This agreement aims to assure the organizing agencies that the competent military ministry is responsible for the necessary rehabilitation of the environment caused by the military presence on the ground allocated to the organizing agencies. The environmental remediation of the contaminated parts of the concession area is the sole responsibility of the Ministry of the Army and wi11 is carried out in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency („EPA“) and/or the National Environmental Protection Agency and in accordance with an agreement or enforceable injunction. MARITIME ADMINISTRATION JOEL C. RICHARD Secretary Date Signed:.

BETWEEN THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, THE MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR, THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE THE MINISTRY OF THE ARMY, THE MINISTRY OF THE NAVY THE MINISTRY OF THE AIR FORCE. WHEREAS a federal sponsoring authority, which serves as the channel through which title ultimately passes from the United States to the recipient of utilities, will request the transfer of ownership under supervision that is consistent with the Federal Administrative Services Act of 1949, 40 U.S.C 484(k), as amended, and the rules adopted therein. a clause allowing the United States access to ownership in all cases where, after the date of the transfer, a response or corrective action is required on the ground or where such access is necessary to implement a response or corrective action on adjacent land. A basic environmental study (SEE) of the parts of the military installation that are the subject of a transfer of public utility is completed and copies are submitted to the Federal Aid Authority and the beneficiary of the public utility at least sixty days before the appointment. EDC summarizes what is currently known about the ecological status of the property, as required by 40 C.F.R. Part 373. We hope that the MOA will improve our process of transferring basic closure real estate for public utility purposes and accelerate the finalization of future real estate transfers. If you have any questions about the MOA, please contact Ms. Phyllis Breland, Base Closure and Transition Office at (703) 604-2403. The Department of the Army will determine that the land is suitable for assignment in accordance with the nonprofit recipient`s authorized purposes and in accordance with the DoD Environmental Assessment Process to Determine Suitability for Lease Directive and „DoD Guidance on the Environmental Review Process to Reach a Suitability to Transfer.“ The Federal Promotion Agency can count on this observation.

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