Eu Sacu M Agreement

48.The agreement between the United Kingdom and Lebanon, like the previous agreement, does not contain essential obligations for the protection of geographical indicators – the EU has only sought to include in its trade agreements since 2009 extensive provisions on geographical indications. Instead, the agreement between the UK and Lebanon (like the EU agreement) deals with broader international standards and obligations on intellectual property rights. EPAs are first and foremost development-oriented trade agreements, which aim to promote more trade and investment. They contribute to sustainable growth and poverty reduction in developing countries. The tariff quotas in the agreement have been specially adapted to the United Kingdom. The following geographical indications of the United Kingdom, including `cross-border geographical indications`, which concern both the territory of Northern Ireland and that of the Republic of Ireland, are protected by this agreement: 24.We welcome the fact that the Government has provided detailed information on the geographical extension of the agreements, which specify the elements for Gibraltar, Crown property and overseas territories would apply. We are also pleased that the Minister confirms in the Euro that „HMG shares stable contractual texts. on individual agreements“. While confirming that the Government had shared the draft text of this specific agreement with Gibraltar, Crown Detentions and Overseas Territories, it did not make it clear whether the text had also been shared with the decentralized administrations prior to signing. This situation is disappointing, as we have repeatedly asked the government to „ensure that in the future, when specific agreements have been shared with the ADs, this is explicitly mentioned in the consultation phase of each MS“.7 After exchanging with officials, we confirmed that the draft agreement had been shared with the decentralised administrations and that no concerns had been expressed. We welcome the recent confirmation by officials that the governments of future emerging countries will determine that the specific agreement to which emerging countries refer has been shared with decentralized administrations. An Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is a kind of free trade agreement for relations with developing countries. .

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