Ucf International Agreements

Faculty members have the opportunity to help international students adapt to their new environment and achieve greater academic results. We recommend using UCF Global as a resource to help international students adapt socially and academically. In addition, teachers should refer students to UCF Global or return them if they are not sure that a particular measure could violate immigration regulations and put the student at risk. The UCF`s Student Health Services Department is responsible for monitoring health insurance for all international students. For more information on minimum requirements and alternative plans, visit the UCF Health Services website. Awards for international students are subject to the NRA tax review by UCF Global prior to payment. Specific IRS forms and immigration documents must be submitted to UCF Global each calendar year (if applicable): all international students with an F-1 or J-1 visa and their accompanying relatives must have health insurance coverage for the duration of their studies. Students must carefully choose health insurance that complies with all Florida Board rules. All foreigners (non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents) who are employed by the UCF must meet with UCF Global Employment and Taxation before starting work to complete their payroll settlement process.

You must also complete form I-9 before work begins. Please ask international students paid by the UCF to make an appointment with the IAGS office as soon as possible after their arrival. As soon as students arrive at the UCF, they must participate in one of the many SEVIS immigration guidelines available. For orientation dates, please visit the UCF Global website or contact INTLadmissions@ucf.edu. When communicating with international students about their arrival date at the UCF, note that immigration rules do not allow students to arrive until 30 days before the start of classes. UCF Global recommends that students travel two weeks before the start of classes in order to have sufficient time to enrol in teaching and move into their new home. UCF Global actively recruits international students to bring diversity and international recognition to the campus. You will find the best recruitment tool abroad is to develop a systematic feeder program by developing relationships with universities, organizations and international students. Faculty members are most effective in developing these relationships and are therefore encouraged to participate in recruitment activities and enter into agreements with universities when travelling abroad. Recruitment activities may include presentations, meetings with potential candidates and links between students/institutions abroad and the UCF. Faculty members are also encouraged to provide information on UCF Global Recruiters programs to help the recruitment team promote available UCF graduates. UCF Global is able to support faculties by providing resources, recruiting materials and providing information on the creation of agreements with institutions abroad.

February is the best month to welcome an international student for the fall semester, and August is the best month to welcome an international student for the spring semester. Please note that international applicants are not admitted for certificates or study programs exclusively online. Faculties involved in signing and submitting electronic staff action forms (ePAFs) for support positions must pay close attention to the submission process and timeliness.